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Arapahoe-Holbrook Public Schools

Board of Education


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July Regular Meeting Board Minutes

Arapahoe-Holbrook Public School Board of Education – Regular Meeting Mrs. Crosley’s Room
July 9th, 2018 7:00 pm

President Dennis Roskop called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm.

President Roskop announced that the Arapahoe-Holbrook Board of Education follows the rules of the Open Meetings Act which is posted.

The following members were present: Dan Warner, Rodney Whipple, Dennis Roskop, Brad Schutz, and Lisa Anderson.

The following member(s) were absent: Chad Carpenter.

Also present was Dr. George Griffith, Superintendent and Cassie Hilker, Board Secretary. Visitors were present.

A motion was made by Whipple and seconded by Anderson to approve the absence of Carpenter. AYES: Whipple, Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, and Warner. Motion carried 5-0.

A motion was made by Whipple and seconded by Warner to approve the agenda as presented. AYES: Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, Warner, and Whipple. Motion carried 5-0.

President Roskop welcomed the visitors and asked for Public Comment. None.


Griffith shared Braithwait’s report because he was out of town. He stated that we were selected by the state for NAEP (National Assessment of Academic Progress) testing this year. This serves as part of our Nation’s Report Card. There was a very nice retirement party for Mr. Paulsen at the bowling alley. Lots of people were there to thank him for his outstanding service to our school. The August teacher work days are pretty full. We should have two good days. Administrator Days will be in Kearney at the end of July. That is three days of speakers and is usually pretty good stuff. Schutz asked when school starts. Griffith stated that staff reports August 7th and students report August 9th. Schutz asked about practices. Griffith stated that they start August 6th. Camps are ongoing. Warner asked where they would practice. Griffith stated that football will practice on the practice field. Warner asked about volleyball. Griffith stated that a practice location for volleyball is to be determined.

Griffith stated that they are redoing the gym floor. There is a board coloring issue. There are some dark patches in it. When it was initially installed, Griffith stated that he questioned it. The workers assured him that when they stained it the problem would be corrected. Griffith knew that stain would not fix the problem. He contacted Josh with Hausmann to look at the floor. After their review, the conclusion was to remove all of the dark boards and replace them with the appropriate boards. They are working on that now. The fire marshal is requiring nine additional smoke detectors in the north hallway and commons area. The regulation or rule that is under is being researched to make sure it is really needed. We are required to have water available at all times in the cafeteria and we do not have a water fountain in the new commons area. He stated that he has put in a request for the cost of the installation of a water fountain on the south wall just outside of the family restroom in the commons area. We have had some bad hail damage. The gazebo needs completely replaced. He would recommend a wooden one for a replacement. Two roofs also need replaced. The one over the garage where the weight room is and the other is over the tin gym. They will be sending out a list of what will be covered, how much it will be covered by and which items should be replaced, which ones are cosmetic. The money will be deposited into the depreciation account or the building fund. Whipple asked if all of the buses were sitting out. Griffith confirmed that the buses were sitting out. They had a couple dings on the hoods and they will be replaced. No one sees the roofs. Whipple asked if we would still be paid out for the top. Griffith confirmed we would. The adjuster for the building risk policy, which is for the new construction, will be out soon. There are a number of dings in certain areas, but most of it is just cosmetic. He didn’t think there is anything that would need to be redone, but it needs to be looked at and taken into consideration. Warner added that it especially needs looked at where the leaks are. Griffith agreed. He stated that he got up on the roof and looked at it and he is pushing for a replacement. After talking to the adjuster that was out about some of the things he saw while he was on the roof he recommends that it be replaced. He is waiting for the company to come out that runs the warranty to see if they will warranty it. Schutz asked if there were HVAC units up there. Griffith confirmed and stated that there are two huge ones up there. There are dings on the outside of them and the hoses going in, but it doesn’t look like too much damage. They will have to see what the adjuster says when he gets here. Some of the windows that were being stored outside got a couple chips in them and will have to be fixed. Whipple stated that he appreciates the work that Griffith is doing. He asked if the Construction Manager is responsible at all for overseeing the work being done and bringing concerns to light. Griffith stated that the Construction Manager is

responsible for that and his response to the Construction Manager is that it needs to be done. He got up on the roof last week because he wanted to see for himself if there was any damage from the hail. He noticed a number of patches on the roof, more than needs to be for a new roof. After seeing that, his recommendation to them was that it needs to be replaced. We will see how it goes. It will probably be a cost split between Hausmann and the roofing company because part of it is a roofing issue and part of it is lack of supervision. Whipple appreciated the response. Warner asked about the fire marshal item where they are requiring more smoke detectors. He asked if that would be at our cost or Hausmann’s because our contract was to build a facility to code. Griffith stated that it would either be them or Clark Enersen because Clark Enersen is who designed it and who was to make sure it was done to code. He would start the discussion with them. Warner stated that he definitely doesn’t think the fight is with the fire marshal. He is the one that has to sign off on it. The fight on any additional cost would be with the architect or the construction manager. Griffith stated that would be a design issue. He stated that he also received a thank you card from the students that attended National History Day. It was to the Board and thanked them for their support of the research projects and all of the places they have taken them. They saw three university campuses, the U.S. Capitol, Smithsonian Museums, Senate Chambers, Library of Congress, and much more. They value education. Schutz asked if the gazebo was a donated item. Griffith stated that he was not sure and would have to check on it. Whipple stated that he knew the fountain was donated, but he is unsure about the gazebo. Schutz wondered if there was any recognition tied to it. Griffith stated that he would have to look into it or ask Cindy Huxoll, she knows everything. Griffith stated that they did receive their accreditation for the 2018- 19 school year.

Board Member Reports: None.

Board Committee Reports: Griffith stated that the minutes from the last finance meeting are in the packet. The Finance Committee also met prior to tonight’s board meeting and no issues were found. There were some questions about what should be paid out of which fund in regards to the construction project and the bond fund. Since we can’t use the bond money for anything else, we need to make sure it is expended first before spending money out of any of the other funds. We have scheduled another Finance Committee meeting to talk about where we go from here as far as budgeting for things like weight equipment. That meeting will be on the 17th at 8:00 pm. The Building Committee met, but there wasn’t a lot discussed because Clark Enersen’s Rep was not there. He got drawings on possible solutions for the drainage issue at the northeast side of the elementary but he will need clarification from the architects on the drawings. They just went over standard items. They should have access to the new facilities sometime next week, hopefully. He knows the teachers are getting ready and want to get in there soon, but we have to make sure the check-off is done. A couple of our employee’s also work for the construction company cleaning the rooms and they share hints on errors that need to be addressed. That makes it really nice since they are cleaning the rooms and seeing everything. He gets a text and can then address it with the Construction Manager. Roskop stated that the Building Committee did a walk-through with them while they were doing the punch list about three weeks ago and there are a lot of very nice things and a lot of things they need to work on before we take ownership. There is another walk-through next week, but it hasn’t been scheduled yet. Cassie Hilker asked if that walk-through has to be done before we move in. Griffith stated that it has to be done before we take ownership of the building because at that point we are checking off that everything is okay. Any damage or anything after that point would be considered something we had done. Cassie asked if they wanted us in there at all before that. Warner stated no. Griffith stated not until everything is checked off. Warner stated that everything has to be right before we turn teachers loose in the new building. Schutz stated that one item they discussed as a committee is that there is no baseboard where the tile meets the floor in any of the hallways. They have talked about just filling it, but in some places there are large discrepancies. He doesn’t like that. He doesn’t know how it will end up when it is done, but it looks to him like it’s not a good thing. Whipple wondered about just a rolled baseboard of some kind. Schutz asked about that and was told by the Construction Manager that it is hard to make something stick to the tile. Griffith stated that the glue today should work on anything. All agreed. Roskop stated that he would like to walk through the building as an entire board. This would not be a meeting where any action would be taken, but gives everyone on the board the opportunity to see it before we take ownership. Griffith stated that once he gets a day and time on when the walk through will be he will get notices out for a special board meeting. He will work to get that day and time set.


A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Anderson to approve the Consent Agenda as presented, which included minutes from previous meetings and financial reports. AYES: Schutz, Anderson, Warner, Whipple, and Roskop. Motion carried 5-0.

Warner asked for clarification on claim number 29905 where the description states reimbursement for transcript request. He asked if this was for continuing education. Griffith stated that this was for something he had approved before he realized it was something he needed board approval for. He is holding off on anything else at this time. Warner stated that it is not a large dollar amount but he just wanted to be sure before we got too far down that road. Griffith agreed. A motion was made by Whipple and seconded by Schutz to approve the claims including the General Fund, Lunch Fund, and Building Fund totaling $328,301.50. AYES: Anderson, Warner, Whipple but abstaining from Claim Number 29883 to

ATC for $349.96, Roskop, and Schutz but abstaining from Claim Number 29880 to the Arapahoe Public Mirror for $553.72. Motion carried 5-0.

Warner asked if anyone had any concerns about rubber stamping these Pay App’s before we take possession of the building. Making sure the work is completed to our standards. He asked if there is any recourse. Griffith stated that we have the retainage which is about a half a million dollars. Roskop stated that they discussed that a little in the Finance Committee meeting. They talked about where the roofing information was and how much we have left in that for an example. It looks like we do still have about $80,000 worth of retainage in that. He doesn’t know if it is all specifically roofing. It looks like there is about $16,000 going out in tonight’s Pay App. A lot of it is flashing and those kinds of things and those are the seals that they keep telling us are leaking. Griffith stated that there are a couple of locations where the rubber roof went up and behind the siding and there is a long stretch that went up to the siding. That area is a possibility. There was one spot that had a seal that bubbled up and had water in it and they discovered a small cut in it. They found some more cuts and they are water testing it, but he told them that a water test doesn’t mean anything until it rains. That is a water test. They were up there before the hail storm and flooded it and said it was all fixed and it leaked in the same spots. Schutz stated to Warner that he wouldn’t be afraid to hold back a percentage of the Pay App until some of these items are resolved to our satisfaction. Warner stated that he just doesn’t want to get into the habit of rubber stamping these Pay App’s and we get to the end of the project and we aren’t willing to sign off on it and they have all of our money. Griffith stated that is leverage he can use before the next Pay App comes. Warner stated that our two biggest issues are roofing and cosmetic issues with the tile and floor. Whipple asked if it was correct that there is about $3 million unpaid on the total project. Griffith confirmed that was correct. Roskop stated that he doesn’t specifically know what that $16,000 includes. A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Warner to decrease the Hausmann Pay App 012 by $16,580 and approve payment of $484,700.06. Whipple asked if that was being done because of the roof leaking issues. All agreed. Whipple asked for clarification on line item 21 Starting Contingency $347,460.00. Roskop stated that when they originally wrote the GMP that was the amount of the contingency fund for Hausmann. That is just showing that original figure. Whipple understood and thanked Roskop for the clarification. AYES: Warner, Whipple, Roskop, Schutz, and Anderson. Motion carried 5-0.

Griffith stated that this Contingency Fund adjustment includes the changes to the Preschool room; gym stain and painting; concrete sealer at carpeted areas that needed to be done to keep the flooring under warranty; the new flagpole that was approved; the kitchen electrical that they had to make adjustments on; adding back a mirror in the restrooms that they had taken out; buyout savings of $98,602.00 that is being reimbursed to the contingency fund. We had talked about this item two meetings prior to this one. The balance of the contingency fund would then be $88,498.36. After checking with legal about the buyout savings, this is the way it is to be addressed. Griffith recommends approving it. A motion was made by Warner to follow that recommendation and it was seconded by Whipple to approve Contingency Fund Adjustment 006. AYES: Whipple, Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, and Warner. Motion carried 5-0.

Griffith stated that when he originally got the Pay App for Midwest Restaurant he was questioning whether or not it should be paid or paid in full. But after looking at the kitchen today and visiting with the installer, everything will be installed and operating tomorrow with the exception of a few shelving units. The retainage of $29,949 would cover and make sure that gets done. Everything with the kitchen will be completed next week. He feels comfortable certifying that amount. Warner asked if they have been checking operation as well as installation along the way. Griffith confirmed that everything runs. He added that he will not recommend paying the rest until the staff receives the training they need to operate the new equipment. Whipple asked if the 10% is being held. Griffith confirmed that was correct. A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Warner to approve Pay App 004 to Midwest Restaurant Supply for $52,192.80. AYES: Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, Warner, and Whipple. Motion carried 5-0.

Griffith stated that the Environmental Direct invoice is for the asbestos removal. There was one change and that was to address the asbestos spots behind the boards that they removed in the elementary school. That ended up being $200 per board for a total of $2,000. All of that work has been completed. There are a couple areas that need cleaned up, but the demolition crew was in the building. He told them to come back another day for safety reasons. They did a good job and were easy to work with. Whipple asked if all asbestos abatement is finished and done. Griffith agreed it was and he also hopes all of the asbestos is gone. Everything is gone to the best of our knowledge. He recommends approving the payment. Warner asked if he thought we should hold some of the payment back to ensure they come back and finish the clean-up. Griffith didn’t think it would be an issue to get them to come back. A motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whipple to approve the payment of $29,200.00 to Environmental Direct, Inc. Anderson asked which fund that would be paid from. Griffith stated that it would be paid from the bond money. AYES: Schutz, Anderson, Warner, Whipple, and Roskop. Motion carried 5-0.

Griffith stated that they are requesting new tables for grades 2 thru 4. They are interlocking and can be made into different configurations. A couple of our newer teachers would use them to benefit their classrooms and our second grade teacher liked them as well. He got two bids. The other one was from Eakes and is $3,000 more than this bid. This is for 90 desks, which would be 30 per classroom. Warner asked where the desks are from the old 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade

classrooms. Griffith stated that they are in storage. The 4th grade has tables. The desks in 2nd grade are in pretty rough shape. The desks in the 3rd grade room were a combination of different types of desks. The old desks have the flip tops which have a tendency to get weak and fall down on fingers. Schutz asked if they will work with the chairs we just bought. Griffith confirmed that they would. The only other items that will need to be purchased are two additional science lab tables. Whipple asked about the color. Griffith stated that the tops will be a light gray enamel to match the tables we bought for Mrs. Schutz and the trim would be multi-colored in each room to match the cubbies. That is no additional cost. Warner asked if this will be paid from Equipment Depreciation or from the bond money. Griffith stated that it can be paid from the bond money. Roskop stated that this will be part of the discussion at our Finance meeting on the 17th. Our discussion is that we need to spend all of the bond money since we can’t reimburse those funds. That is part of what we need to sit down and look through prior to year-end so that we are all on the same page. A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Whipple to approve the purchase of 90 desks for the 2nd thru 4th grade classrooms from Worthington Direct for $14,151.60. AYES: Anderson, Warner, Whipple, Roskop, and Schutz. Motion carried 5-0.

Griffith stated that the invoice from B2 Environmental was for the testing during the asbestos abatement. They did air quality testing. Everything came back less than .0001%. A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Warner to approve the payment of $4,900.00 to B2 Environmental. AYES: Warner, Whipple, Roskop, Schutz, and Anderson. Motion carried 5-0.

Griffith stated that the quote from CCS Presentation Systems was for the re-installation of the smartboards into the new elementary wing as well as a 3 year license for all of the smartboards. Whipple stated that it also included three additional units. Griffith agreed. Two of them are replacements and they needed one more for an additional classroom. He added that to get it done in time he already approved the quote. He did talk to Roskop at the meeting prior to approving it, but it needed to be done. A motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whipple to approve the quotes from CCS Presentation Systems in the amounts of $17,244.82 and $2,632.50. AYES: Whipple, Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, and Warner. Motion carried 5-0.

Griffith shared a quote from McGraw Hill with the board for new science curriculum for the high school. He stated that the cost would be $10,368.84. The reason we need it is because we don’t have one. Mr. Paulsen had his own curriculum. This new curriculum has a large online component. He reviewed it with Mrs. Bade and they both feel comfortable with recommending it. Whipple stated that the last time we ordered something they had to come back and adjust the quantities; he asked if the quantities were correct. Griffith confirmed that they are correct. They requested 16 of the Anatomy and Physiology books and that may be enough and it might not be, but if they need more it will only be one or two, it won’t be a massive change. The quantities are based on the expected class enrollments for next year. A motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whipple to approve the request for the new science curriculum from McGraw Hill in the amount of $10,973.04. AYES: Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, Warner, and Whipple. Motion carried 5-0.

Griffith stated that he didn’t list the handbook changes because they are basically between staff, dates, and any updates or changes are on these policies. He will be copying these policies that are required into the handbooks. There are three policies that are recommended and they are the recording of others, insufficient funds, and search and seizures which includes random drug and alcohol testing which Mr. Braithwait is very supportive of. Whipple asked if these items have been brought to the board before and if this is the final reading. Griffith stated that they were brought forth once and tonight is the final reading. Griffith stated that the other changes are legal requirements. The explanations of those are included in the letter from Perry Law. Whipple asked about the drug policy number 5406. He wondered about a just clause cause. Griffith stated that for us to test it has to be truly random to be legal. If there is someone that we feel is under the influence, that is a violation of the law and in one of the other policies it states that we must report that to the police. The police would then do their evaluation. Whipple shared some recommendations he found from Northwest High School. One was that refusal or failure of the test could only be forbidden from extracurricular activities and could not impact the child’s school attendance. He asked if we intend for it to affect school attendance or only extracurricular activities. Griffith stated that if a student tests positive for drugs and alcohol at school that would be a suspension. As far as he can see there is nothing specific on that and his thought is that it would only be for extracurricular activities. Whipple thought it was their intention as well. Griffith stated that we cannot legally deny a student education for those types of reasons. Whipple appreciated the clarification on that. He went on to ask if the results would be provided to law enforcement or just to administration. Griffith stated that if we find that someone has broken the law, we have to report it. That is especially true for someone that is already on probation. It talks about that in the policy. Whipple stated that he sees that we require the student to consent but wondered about parental consent. Griffith stated that we are not required to get parental consent. It falls under Locos Parentis, which means that in the absence of the parents the school has those rights for the safety of the student. We do have the policy that was put in place last year for investigation and that kind of thing. Anything beyond activities would have to be done through that process. Whipple asked if we were planning to give these tests. He asked if we were going to hire a third party to give these tests. He asked if we are monitoring them in the bathroom. He is just curious because he wasn’t here for the first reading and wanted to be sure these questions have been asked. Griffith stated that these are good questions. Whipple stated that this is why he thought they were doing first reading, second reading and final reading so that these discussions could happen. The other school

stated that they are having a third party do it and that privacy is a huge concern. He is concerned with that for our staff as well. Griffith stated that our bus drivers get tested and no one is in the bathroom with them. Griffith stated that this is a policy that is recommended and not required and it may be a bigger hassle than it is worth. Roskop stated that he thinks the language is being put in place in case we do start random drug testing. As of right now, he doesn’t think our school is currently doing it. Griffith confirmed that they are not. Roskop stated that he doesn’t know that they are looking to start it either. This is just the policy we would follow if we did start doing it. Griffith agreed. He stated that the guidelines and testing would also have to be put in the handbooks. Schutz asked if they could have copies of all of the handbooks that are going out at the next board meeting. Griffith stated that he would get them to the board before then. He could even provide a copy with the marked changes. A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Anderson to approve the Policy/Handbook Changes for the 2018-19 School Year. AYES: Schutz, Anderson, Warner, Whipple, and Roskop. Motion carried 5-0.

Griffith stated that he will get the board a list of the specific changes prior to the next meeting and how these are worded in the handbooks. These handbooks are only provided online and are not difficult to change at the last minute. Cassie stated that the handbooks usually go out now. Griffith stated that they are online and don’t get sent home anymore. Roskop stated that parents usually sign something saying they have read the handbook and that goes back to the school. Griffith agreed that there is a handbook sheet that goes out.


Public Comment – No further discussion.

Griffith stated that he included a handout about a conference table he is looking at. He knows the table he has in his office is not large enough. The table he found and the cost of it he thought was reasonable, but wanted to get the boards opinion. He can continue looking if that is something the board would like him to investigate further. This one has a capacity of 10-12. They have multiple options. We can make something work between now and then. He is hoping we will be meeting there next month.

Finance Committee Meeting, Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 at 8:00 pm in Dr. Griffith or Mrs. Crosley’s Room. Technology Committee Meeting, TBA.
Special Board Meeting to walk through the new facilities, TBA.
Finance Committee Meeting, Monday, August 13th, 2018 at 6:00 pm in TBA.

Regular Board Meeting, Monday, August 13th, 2018 at 7:00 pm in TBA.
A motion was made by Whipple and seconded by Schutz to adjourn the meeting at 8:02 pm.

________________________ Respectfully submitted,
Cassie Hilker, Board Secretary