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Arapahoe-Holbrook Public Schools

Board of Education


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June Regular Board Meeting Minutes

Arapahoe-Holbrook Public School Board of Education – Regular Meeting Mrs. Crosley’s Room
June 11th, 2018 7:00 pm

President Dennis Roskop called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

President Roskop announced that the Arapahoe-Holbrook Board of Education follows the rules of the Open Meetings Act which is posted.

The following members were present: Dan Warner, Dennis Roskop, Brad Schutz, and Lisa Anderson. The following member(s) were absent: Chad Carpenter and Rodney Whipple.

Also present was Dr. George Griffith, Superintendent, Bob Braithwait, Principal, and Cassie Hilker, Board Secretary. Visitors were present.

A motion was made by Anderson and seconded by Warner to approve the absences of Carpenter and Whipple. AYES: Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, and Warner. Motion carried 4-0.

A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Warner to approve the agenda as presented. AYES: Schutz, Anderson, Warner, and Roskop. Motion carried 4-0.

President Roskop welcomed the visitors and asked for Public Comment. None.


Braithwait stated that they have 17 kids taking Driver’s Education. Donnie Miller from Minden is teaching it again this year and he does a great job for us. There are 12 JH and HS kids attending summer school. There was an excellent turnout of teachers, aides, students, and a secretary to help the custodial staff move the elementary school to the new building. It went really smooth and they worked very hard. Fourteen students were selected for the Honors Program. It started last night. We should be very proud of our kids; that is a good number to have for as small of a school as we are. Schutz asked where summer school was taking place. Braithwait stated that it is being held upstairs in the high school in Mrs. Thomas’ room.

Griffith stated that the asbestos abatement has been done in the elementary and the kitchen storage area. Everything passed. The new building is coming along nicely and we will be doing the first punch list possibly next week to identify areas that need corrected before we take possession of the building. That is where we go through and if we find anything that needs to be fixed or taken care of then we notify them and they put it on their list and it is checked over again. There are a lot of boxes of records that are boxed up and ready to send off for scanning. A lot of things have been cleaned up that didn’t need to be in the files. There will be a considerable amount of shredding. The Transportation Committee met and is looking at replacing the 2003 bus. He got an email Friday about a clean diesel grant that could cover up to $47,000 of the cost. A stipulation is that it has to replace a bus of the same size. He will start working on that. Schutz asked if the 2003 bus was a route bus or what. Griffith confirmed it was a route bus. It is our oldest and most beat up. Things seem to be going along okay.

Board Member Reports: None.

Board Committee Reports: Griffith stated that there are two reports. The Transportation Committee met and so did the Finance Committee. The Transportation Committee looked at the two 2014 buses that are giving the most trouble. Their mileage is in the low 50,000s. Recently, there was a lot of money put into those two buses for new turbo’s. The idea is that we should run them and at least try to get that much out of them. Trading them in with the engines they have will be difficult and will have a negative impact on the trade. They were looking at going with a 65 passenger bus with seating for 55 so they have the activity seating. They would have the cargo space underneath. They discussed whether or not that cargo space was being used and football is using it. They need to make sure the band is using it as well. They do take a van specifically to football because they need to have a separate vehicle in case of any injuries. They also take one to basketball. He is going to look at getting a specification sheet together to send out for bids so that they are comparing apples to apples. He will bring that information back and review it with the board. Warner stated that they have a couple of relatively new buses that are headaches and know that they need to get them rotated out, but they couldn’t justify leaving a bus that is 20 years old in service and getting out of the rotation. Something they may need to look at in the future is how they can eliminate $80,000 buses as route vehicles. It isn’t the easiest to drive and is the most difficult and expensive to work on. If the routes could be tweaked in the future and get to more suburban type vehicles for route

buses, he thinks that would be more beneficial and having activity type buses. Schutz asked if the buses were International chassis and motors or what. Warner stated that the two 2014s are IH. Warner stated that they need to get to where everything has a Cummins engine in it. Schutz asked about the company they are dealing with and wondered if there was someone else they could start to deal with. For no more miles that these buses have they and if they aren’t under warranty they should still be standing by it. Griffith stated that they were going to this location because they were under warranty and they were going to try to get some of that since it was not long after the warranty went out. He knows of another person out of Kearney that does really good work. It’s less of a trip and he has never had trouble with them in the last ten years. When we look to get another bus it will go out with our specifications not theirs. Warner stated that another thing they might consider is leasing buses. We leased a bus when we were down and it was really pretty cheap. Griffith stated that it was $1,500 for one month. Warner stated that he is not sure they can own and maintain a fleet of 8-9 buses for the school year at $1,500 per month. Griffith stated that they would be responsible for maintaining it. Warner asked if it would be at that price. Griffith agreed. Warner stated that it would be a new bus. He thinks they have a lot of work to do in the Transportation Committee identifying their needs and making a plan. They didn’t want to get completely out of rotation on what was to be replaced. Griffith stated that Sara is going to drive him around all of the routes. Together they will see if there is any way to do things more cost effective. Schutz wondered how many kids ride the bus every day. Griffith stated that Dan’s route is two kids over for a suburban, but those kids ride three times a week and they live two blocks up the road. It is a matter of re-arranging routes. Schutz stated that he appreciates the update and knows it can be a headache. He thinks they are on the right track. It costs money to work on equipment, but $12,000 to replace a turbo is a little out of line. Griffith added that there was also a fuel pump, but agrees with Schutz. Schutz stated that he thinks we may have been taken a little bit advantage of and moving forward they may need to look at other options on where they are purchasing their transportation from. Griffith agreed. Schutz stated that they had an OAC meeting on Thursday. Griffith stated that the gym floor should be here towards the end of this week or early next week. Schutz stated that they plan to install the floor prior to installing the gym equipment. All agreed. Schutz stated that there are still some issues with the roof between the new structure and the old structure. Griffith agreed. They need to get another rain to see if the fix worked or not. Warner asked if that needs to be a part of the punch list. Griffith agreed. Warner recommended getting ladders and hoses if we don’t get a rain to check it by then. Before we take possession of the building we need to be certain. Schutz stated that at the time of the meeting they were demoing the old library and they were waiting for the abatement results. Griffith stated that those came back clear. The abatement is done and he was able to get Dan, Josh and some workers to demo the kitchen area because they needed the walls down and the asbestos stuff went under and over the walls. He told them if they couldn’t find someone to do it that he would be up here with his saw and sledge hammer to do it. They figured they better get it done. Schutz stated that they also looked at the drainage issue at the north end of the elementary. They are starting to work on some ideas to correct that problem. Maybe it can get taken care of this summer before school starts. Griffith stated that they also talked about the flag pole and the preschool room, but those items will be addressed later in tonight’s meeting.


A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Anderson to approve the Consent Agenda as presented, which included minutes from previous meetings and financial reports. AYES: Anderson, Warner, Roskop, and Schutz. Motion carried 4- 0.

A motion was made by Warner and seconded by Anderson to approve the claims. Schutz asked that claim number 29819 for the bus repair be paid out of the bus depreciation fund instead of the general fund. His reasoning is that it is a good way to track the true expense of transportation. Warner and Anderson agreed with changing the motion and second to approve the claims including the General Fund, Lunch Fund, Building Fund, Student Fee Fund, and Bus Depreciation Fund totaling $448,886.44. AYES: Warner, Roskop, Schutz but abstaining from Claim Number 29811 to the Arapahoe Public Mirror for $766.37, and Anderson. Motion carried 4-0.

Griffith stated that this Pay App for the period totaled $666,088.99. With the project being over 50% completed, part of the retainage was included which brought the total payment to $838,101.41. The balance left is $3,580,585.04 for completion. A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Warner to approve the Payment Application #011 to Hausmann Construction in the amount of $838,101.41. AYES: Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, and Warner. Motion carried 4-0.

Griffith stated that this Contingency Fund Adjustment is nothing related to our last contingency discussion on the other bid tabs. There is an email attached to discuss that. This adjustment includes two credits for about $4662. One is for deleting the security camera cabling and the other is for the tin gym floor removal. There are costs for the other items, which include diffusers, lighting in the kitchen, drywall in the commons, door hardware and the dishwasher electrical connection. The dishwasher electrical connection is later on in the agenda so we may want to come back to this. Griffith Roskop stated that they are not the same. Griffith apologized and stated that the dishwasher electrical connection item on the contingency fund adjustment sheet is for the dishwasher in the kitchen. Roskop asked if they could get Josh on the phone to confirm what the dishwasher electrical connection adjustment is exactly. Griffith agreed and called Josh. Josh

didn’t answer. Roskop is wondering what is different than what they had already bid out in the original package. Josh called back and joined the meeting via phone. Roskop asked Josh if he could explain the dishwasher electrical connection contingency fund adjustment. Josh stated that the power called out for the dishwasher was different than what was supplied by Midwest Restaurant Supply. They had to upsize the power to the dishwasher, add a disconnect, and that required the need to add conduit and wire to power the dishwasher correctly. Roskop thanked Josh and ended the call. Anderson asked that after adding back what was on the email and taking off these listed items our ending contingency fund balance is $5,457.54. Griffith stated that it does not include $98,602 from the email. He stated that he went through the email and compared the bid tabs to the original GMP and the ones on the current bid tabs were the same. These were bids that came in later. He did check with the attorney on the method to reimburse the changes that we had out of their contingency fund and he said that was the appropriate way to do it. A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Anderson to approve Contingency Fund Adjustment 005. AYES: Schutz, Anderson, Warner, and Roskop. Motion carried 4-0.

Griffith stated that the chairs we currently have in the elementary school are in rough shape. We have trouble with the legs digging into the floor. We are recommending sled based chairs. It is $6,843.10 for 110 of the 18 inch chairs, $4,430.80 for 80 of the 16 inch chairs, and $2,259.45 for 45 of the 14 inch chairs. Total cost for chair replacement is $13,533.35. There are also baskets to go underneath the chairs and for 100 the cost is $1,271.00. Total cost for chairs and baskets is $14,804.35. Schutz asked if these are the same style of chairs that were purchased for Mrs. Schutz. Griffith confirmed that they were. Some of the problems with the other chairs are that they are riveted through the top and the rivets come loose and can cause injuries or tear clothing. The main idea is to work to protect the floor. Roskop stated that he assumes this will be paid out of the equipment depreciation fund. Griffith agreed. Schutz stated that it is 235 chairs. He asked if that will replace everything. Griffith stated that this replaces elementary PK thru 6th grade. A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Warner to follow the superintendent’s recommendation and purchase 235 chairs and 100 baskets for a total cost of $14,804.35. AYES: Anderson, Warner, Roskop, and Schutz. Motion carried 4-0.

Griffith stated that they have received a resignation letter from Mr. Kuntz, the 7-12 Ag Teacher and FFA Advisor. In the letter, Mr. Kuntz thanked them for providing him the opportunity to be the Ag Teacher and FFA Advisor for the school this past year. He truly enjoyed being part of the staff and community. The students this year have been the most impactful being the most respectful and hardest working students he has ever taught. He wrote the letter to inform them that he will be resigning his position as the Ag Teacher and FFA Advisor at the end of his contract on June 30, 2018. His wife and him were presented with an opportunity to purchase a Vet Clinic in Yuma, Colorado. This is very close to his family, which is something they were looking for, just not this soon. The opportunity is very good and one that they feel they cannot pass up. He will fulfill the remainder of his contract for the month of June and asks that they accept the warmest thanks and gratitude for letting him teach at Arapahoe. It will always hold a special place in his heart. A motion was made by Warner and seconded by Anderson to accept the resignation of Mr. Kuntz as the Ag Teacher and FFA Advisor. AYES: Warner, Roskop, Schutz, and Anderson. Motion carried 4-0.

Griffith stated that replacing Mr. Kuntz at this time of the year is very difficult. Mr. Braithwait has worked hard getting in touch with Matt Kreifels to try and find a replacement. He is with the UNL Extension. Braithwait stated that there were 28 openings this year and 16 graduates. Griffith stated that Braithwait recommended they look at an alternative method of finding a replacement. They did find a certified teacher that was graduated and not working, but he is in McCook and is farming with the family and will not drive over. He is recommending Chandler Hambidge. He recently graduated with an Ag Economics degree and is willing to take the necessary courses to get certified in the Ag Education field. We would have to give him the same opportunity that has been given to Glenna Hoefs and Kaitlin Spaulding. That would include covering the tuition of the classes he would need to take to get his certification. The benefit is that if he works out really well he will be a long-term person. Griffith asked Braithwait if he had anything to add since he did the interview. Braithwait stated that he contacted everyone that had openings and got the names of the people they did not hire. He called all of them and with it being so late in the year they are all working somewhere. When he talked to Matt, he was told that they aren’t going to find anybody since it’s so late. The latest that anybody signed was in March. We looked at alternative people and a staff member recommended Chandler. As with anyone that doesn’t have a teaching endorsement, no one knows how it will work but we hope that things will work out and go in the right direction. They are hoping this is a possible long term fix. Switching at this time of the year is not good for the program. It is a terrible situation with the low number of Ag Teachers in Nebraska. Griffith stated that Mr. Kubik and Mr. Kuntz have already agreed to work with Chandler on lesson plans and any information he needs. Chandler was taught under Mr. Kubik. Braithwait stated that Mr. Kubik has agreed to work with Chandler as much as possible. He will give him everything he has. Anderson asked if Chandler would also be able to cover the shop classes. Griffith confirmed that he would. Braithwait stated that Chandler has been a part of a great program. Mr. Kubik had a great program. What that translates into only remains to be seen. We hope that we pulled a rabbit out of the hat. Honestly, he didn’t know what other alternatives they would have had at this point. Roskop asked if Chandler would be the only provisional teacher on staff. Griffith confirmed and agreed. Schutz asked if Chandler is starting to take classes this summer. Braithwait stated that he has talked to Chandler and he is completing paperwork for Dr. Bell at UNL. They will then start getting him registered for some online classes this summer. Schutz stated that he was glad they found somebody to step up. Griffith stated that he

offered Chandler a contract pending board approval. Mr. Braithwait told Griffith that Chandler was a hard worker and a good kid. Griffith stated that he spoke with him prior to offering the contract and he thinks he will do the best he can and he can’t ask for much more than that. A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Anderson to approve the recommendation of the superintendent to hire Chandler Hambidge as the Ag Teacher and FFA Advisor and pay the tuition for the classes needed to get certified in Ag Education. AYES: Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, and Warner. Motion carried 4- 0.

Griffith stated that he talked last month about Heidi Thomas and Joanna Pruitt. He can say that Heidi is taking classes this summer. There is a grant out there for $6,000 which would cover the cost of her classes for the fall and spring. That is something that would also be available to Joanna. The idea is that if they are able to teach college credit classes, it expands our opportunity to offer classes to other schools which would make it easier to try to work out something to get more classes through distance learning and take more advantage of our distance learning program. He told Joanna to hold off until after tonight’s meeting. Heidi has already started her classes and he told her he would find a way for her to get reimbursed, at least for these summer classes. It doesn’t have to be from school funds either. The payback to the District would be that we would be able to offer Speech and English for college credit. It would provide more opportunities to interact with other Districts and hopefully get more participation in receiving classes as well as providing classes. Schutz asked if that would be classes for these two teachers this summer or a whole year or two or three years. Griffith stated that with Heidi it would be this summer and then two semesters. She should be close to having it by that time. Joanna hasn’t had her transcripts analyzed yet, but she also has the opportunity for that grant which she is going to apply for. She also already has her Masters as a Reading Specialist. A lot of those hours should transfer over and with all of her English hours we are sort of hoping she won’t need to take anymore classes, but we will have to wait and see how that works out. He is also going to check to see if CCC will accept her Masters in Reading and allow her to teach English. His recommendation at this time is to help Heidi with the cost of summer tuition and table Joanna until we have more information on the classes she will need. Anderson asked if going forward and any other teachers wanted to do something like this if the same process would be followed and brought before the board. Griffith stated that he would ask the board prior to mentioning it to a teacher. He has been used to running something like this through professional development in other districts. Roskop stated that if we say yes to this now we are probably setting the standard that we will continue doing it moving forward. Schutz stated that if we don’t see any response to these college classes being taken, then there is no reason to keep pursuing it and covering that cost. All agreed. Schutz stated that any college classes a kid can take in high school is a plus. It helps parents. Griffith stated that speech is the biggest one. Schutz stated that if we don’t see a significant response then we need to rethink what we are doing. Griffith agreed. Braithwait stated that he thought they had 9 kids take College English this last year. Roskop stated that was through Distance Learning. Anderson asked if we would still have to have Distance Learning for at least one more year. Griffith agreed. Anderson asked if the goal was to phase out the Distance Learning. Griffith stated that he would like to have more opportunities in the end. If we are going to spend that money then we need to get some use out of it. Anderson asked if we just offer College English now. Griffith confirmed that they only offer College English now. The benefit of having this is that we have added one period each day to the weekly schedule instead of three days per week. This would benefit other District’s schedules as well. He has talked with Mr. Shepard at Cambridge and he would really like to work on some of those things together. Schutz asked if he could take it one step further and asked what they could expect for reimbursement if they did something like that with a neighboring District. He asked if it would be per student or per course. Griffith stated that it would be more of a course to course correlation. We would offer this if you could offer that kind of thing. Schutz asked if it would be like trading courses back and forth. Griffith agreed. He stated that the college pays the teachers for their work. Schutz asked Griffith if he saw anything with a neighboring District that would benefit our students. Griffith stated that in talking with Cambridge he thought there would be some things that could be done. Schutz stated that he didn’t want to see our District supplying all of the instructors for the neighboring Districts if they wouldn’t be supplying some for us. Warner asked if when the teachers are endorsed the college pays the teacher for that hour of instruction. Griffith confirmed. Roskop stated that we would still pay them as well. Griffith stated that they would be teaching dual credit courses, it would be English and College English together. There is no policy in place on how the money from the college should get disbursed. There are a few options with the college. The first is that the District can get paid the money to reimburse part of the salary. The second is that the money could be split between the District and the teacher. The third is that the money could go directly to the teacher. Schutz stated that maybe they should consider that policy before considering paying for the Masters of these teachers. Griffith agreed. He withdrew any recommendation. When he gets more information he will share it with the board. Roskop stated that it is very important that they have some idea of student interest as well. He knows it can change from year to year, but if we don’t have any student interest right away this doesn’t make a lot of sense. Roskop stated that they will table the Graduate Hours Reimbursement item until they have more policy information. He knows that Dan Schaben has done some of these classes, but he doesn’t know how it was worked out.

Griffith stated that the Free and Reduced Price Policy Statement Addendum needs approved to continue getting reimbursed from the state and federal government for the lunch program. It is a standard agreement stating that we are following all of the regulations in providing appropriate meals and following the nutrition guidelines. They don’t get a lot of money from the state, but the fed’s cover a lot of it. A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Anderson to approve

the Free and Reduced Price Policy Statement Addendum. AYES: Schutz, Anderson, Warner, and Roskop. Motion carried 4-0.

Griffith shared the changes to student fees for the 2018-19 school year. The lunch prices are a requirement through the lunch program that they need to increase $0.10. The breakfast is different, but he recommends increasing those prices $0.05. There is a recommendation for a $5.00 fee for school dances. They are also changing the language for the cost of the ACT since the state provides the first test as a junior for a state assessment. This states that the first ACT as a junior will be no cost, but any one after that will be at the student’s cost. His recommendation for the band fee is $10.00 plus instrument rental per semester for the elementary and $15.00 plus instrument rental per semester for the high school. The reason for this is that there are a number of fees throughout the year and some get reimbursed and some do not. These fees would cover the basic requirements. The purpose of this is that the waiving of this fee would be based upon free or reduced lunch status at the District Level. He also added that the waiver of any fee requires the approval of the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s Designee. This will make it clearer. Schutz stated that he didn’t really like the band fee. Griffith stated that it is actually less than what they are currently paying. There are certain things that can be waived based on free or reduced lunch status. There have been cases where fees have simply not been collected and we want to make sure that those that can pay do. Books run around $9.00 each, uniform cleaning for high school is $12.00, any changes to the uniform is $8.00 and then there are additional costs for reeds, oil, etc. throughout the year. He is flexible on the fee, this was just a recommendation. Schutz stated that he wasn’t aware that they were paying for those other things. The other activities have uniforms supplied by the District. Griffith stated that they provide the uniforms but were having students pay a cleaning fee and an alteration fee. That is $20 and an instrument book is about $10 depending on the instrument and that doesn’t include all of the other items used throughout the year. Roskop asked if the school was going to start buying the book instead of the parent. Griffith stated that they would still be paying for it, but it would be through the fee. Schutz asked if these fees were per semester. Griffith confirmed they were. Roskop stated that he paid more than that for a book last year. Griffith stated that the average was $10. Roskop stated that he has no problem with this as long as they don’t get charged on top of it. Griffith strongly recommends the change to the elementary and high school lunch prices. The dances he could go either way on and the ACT is just the way it is now. We can table the band fee if they want. Schutz asked if the ACT is given by the school now. Griffith stated that it is now part of the state assessment for high school. This basically changes our policy to reflect what we have to do. Schutz stated that they can still go to McCook or Holdrege to take it again. Griffith agreed, but it would be at their expense. They can take it here again if they want, but they have to pay for it. Schutz stated that they can give these changes a try. Roskop stated that they can always adjust it next year or take it away if they need to. This gets those people participating in those activities paying some of those fees that go along with it. Schutz asked if there was money in those Activity Accounts that they could access to pay for some of these things. He then stated that they probably don’t have fundraisers. Griffith agreed. Most of their funds are raised through the Music Boosters. The dance fee was to help offset some of the costs for the DJ. A motion was made by Roskop and seconded by Anderson to approve the Student Fees for 2018-19. AYES: Anderson, Warner, Roskop, and Schutz. Motion carried 4-0.

Griffith shared Change Order 047 for $1,986.30. He stated that this was to get cabinets the height of the pre-schoolers and the dishwasher is for sanitation of toys and materials to help combat the transmission of colds, flu, etc. This would sterilize that equipment. Warner asked for clarification on the casework. This room was always going to be the preschool room and he asked why the cabinet height wasn’t considered initially. Griffith did not know. Roskop stated that they were going to leave that room the way it was and only add fire sprinklers. The casework wasn’t originally supposed to be changed. Warner asked if the casework was an addition. Griffith stated that all of the classrooms were getting new casework along a wall. They had it set too high. Warner thought they were going to do nothing to that room but sprinklers. Griffith stated that the original plans he has show the casework. Schutz stated that this cost does not include the dishwasher. Griffith confirmed that was correct. It includes the wiring and the plumbing for a dishwasher. Roskop asked if there was a dishwasher in the room across the hall that the ESU staff uses or if it was just a bathroom and a stove. Griffith did not think there was a dishwasher in that room. He asked Braithwait if he knew. He stated that there is definitely a stove and he thought a dishwasher. Griffith asked Braithwait to walk over and check. Roskop knew that was the Life Skills room, but didn’t know what all appliances are there. Tammie Middagh asked if they were moving the preschool room. Roskop stated that they are not moving the preschool room. Middagh asked why they are changing the height of the cabinets now after they have been serving their purpose the way they are. Griffith stated that the cabinets in there are short enough. The plans called for replacement of those cabinets. Schutz stated that he thought the dishwasher would be a handicap dishwasher because they are making it shorter. Griffith agreed that it would be a special order handicap dishwasher. The only reason he has looked into this is at the request of Mrs. Monie. Roskop stated that he is not saying she doesn’t need one, but if there is one across the hall maybe they could use that. Then all we would have to do is possibly replace a dishwasher. We could leave the cabinetry the way it is and instead of adding to the project take out of the project. But when Braithwait gets back there won’t be a dishwasher in that room and we will start the discussion all over. Schutz asked if they could go ahead and talk about the flag pole while they were waiting for Braithwait to return. All agreed. Griffith stated that they didn’t provide any paperwork on the flag pole. They only provided the price. The cost was going to be $2,484.57. This includes a new pole and the wiring and lighting required since it is flown day and night. It is to move it south of the new elementary wing by the new entrance. Schutz stated that

the existing pole is in the way of sidewalks or something. Griffith stated that it is in the way of a new driveway. Braithwait reported that the ESU room has a refrigerator, stove and microwave. Schutz asked if this casework is similar to what is going in the new elementary. Griffith confirmed it was and it will match. He stated that since there is not dishwasher in the other room he thinks it would be appropriate to add one. Schutz agreed. A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Warner to approve Change Order 047 for Casework and Dishwasher in the Preschool room in the amount of $1,986.30. AYES: Warner, Roskop, Schutz, and Anderson. Motion carried 4-0.

A motion was made by Warner and seconded by Anderson to approve the new flag pole and lighting in the amount of $2,484.57. AYES: Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, and Warner. Motion carried 4-0.


Griffith stated that the handbook changes are fees and including the parts of these new policies as required by law. He didn’t provide a separate sheet for the handbook changes since they will be updated by these new policies and simply changing the date. The first group is explaining that we are legally required to make these changes. He has been told that this will be the last group we will get for the year. He already has them completed with our school information in a separate file. Anderson asked if there would be a time when they would inform students that they can’t take pictures or videos of others. Griffith stated that they would go over those kinds of things with students at the beginning of the year. Braithwait stated that it is a really big deal, as well as the recording of conversations. Roskop stated that this is just the first reading and there is no action to be taken. Griffith stated that it would be an action item on next month’s agenda to approve these policy changes and waive the third reading.

Public Comment – No further discussion.

Finance Committee Meeting, Monday, July 9th, 2018 at 6:00 pm in Mrs. Crosley’s Room. Regular Board Meeting, Monday, July 9th, 2018 at 7:00 pm in Mrs. Crosley’s Room.

Griffith stated that he would like to clarify a rumor that Mr. Braithwait brought to him. He stated that Mr. Braithwait and his wife have volunteered to help paint and he is helping take down the concrete on the wall and it is not because they are out of money. Braithwait stated that they volunteered to help if they needed it. It had nothing to do with money. Roskop thanked Griffith for clearing that up.

A motion was made by Anderson and seconded by Schutz to adjourn the meeting at 8:16 pm.

________________________ Respectfully submitted,
Cassie Hilker, Board Secretary