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Arapahoe-Holbrook Public Schools

Board of Education


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September 10th Board Budget Hearing

Arapahoe-Holbrook Public School

Board of Education – Budget Hearing

Conference Room

September 10th, 2018 6:30 pm


President Dennis Roskop called the hearing to order at 6:31 pm.


President Roskop announced that the Arapahoe-Holbrook Board of Education follows the rules of the Open Meetings Act which is posted. 


The following members were present: Chad Carpenter, Dennis Roskop, Brad Schutz, and Lisa Anderson.


The following member(s) were absent: Dan Warner and Rodney Whipple.


Also present was Dr. George Griffith, Superintendent and Cassie Hilker, Board Secretary.  Visitors were present.


Roskop stated that he thought Whipple was running late, but would be here as soon as he could.


A motion was made by Carpenter and seconded by Anderson to excuse the absence of Warner.  AYES: Carpenter, Roskop, Schutz, and Anderson.  Motion carried 4-0.


A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Carpenter to approve the agenda as presented.  AYES: Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, and Carpenter.  Motion carried 4-0.




President Roskop opened the hearing for discussion on the 2018-19 District Budget.  Griffith stated that the only two changes were on the carryover amounts for the general fund and the bond fund.  The general fund was increased by close to $60,000 in tax receipts.  That does not change the tax asking amount for the general fund.  It only changes the beginning balance for the general fund.  The bond fund was increased by about $7,000 in tax receipts.  Other than those items, everything is the same as what was published.  Schutz asked if any checks came in the mail.  Hilker stated that Griffith got the mail.  Griffith stated that they received one from Gosper County.  Hilker asked how much it was.  Griffith stated that it was around $181k for the General Fund and around $36k for the Bond Fund.  Anderson stated that the amount budgeted in the bond fund is different than the payment schedule and that is because we are including the December 2019 payment even though it is in the next fiscal year.  Griffith agreed and stated that was done so no General Fund money will have to be used for the December 2019 payment.  Mr. Braithwait joined the meeting at 6:39 pm.  Griffith stated that this is the budget he recommends.


A motion was made by Carpenter and seconded by Anderson to adjourn the budget hearing at 6:46 pm.






Respectfully submitted,

Cassie Hilker, Board Secretary