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Arapahoe-Holbrook Public Schools

Board of Education


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October 8th, 2018 Board Minutes

Arapahoe-Holbrook Public School

Board of Education – Regular Meeting

Conference Room

October 8th, 2018 7:00 pm


President Dennis Roskop called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


President Roskop announced that the Arapahoe-Holbrook Board of Education follows the rules of the Open Meetings Act which is posted. 


The following members were present: Dan Warner, Chad Carpenter, Rodney Whipple, Dennis Roskop, Brad Schutz, and Lisa Anderson.


The following member(s) were absent: None.


Also present was Dr. George Griffith, Superintendent, Bob Braithwait, Principal, and Cassie Hilker, Board Secretary.  Visitors were present.


A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Carpenter to approve the agenda as presented.  AYES: Carpenter, Whipple, Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, and Warner.  Motion carried 6-0.


Roskop opened the meeting up to the visitors and asked for public comment – None.




Braithwait stated that last Friday was the Homecoming Dance and he thought it went well.  The kids had a good time.  They tried the dance in the Commons area and it was different but went well.  They took a vote today and the kids would like to have Prom in the Band Room.  That is ok.  It is their Prom.  It was good to try something different.  Elementary MAPS testing is taking place this week and next week.  Junior High and High School MAPS testing will begin October 22nd.  This is our test we take for the School Improvement Process.  Fire Prevention Day will be the 12th.  The fire department will be here with plenty of activities for our elementary students.  We really appreciate the fire department taking the time to come up here and do this for our kids.  Quiz Bowl season is starting to gear up as the fall sport season is starting to wind down.  Cross Country Districts are on the 11th, Football Playoffs are on the 25th, and Volleyball Sub-Districts are on the 29th.  Fall Break is the 26th and 29th.  The Musical matinee will be at 9:00 am for our students on November 2nd.  The main performance will be Saturday, November 3rd, with dinner at 6:00 pm before the performance at 7:00 pm.  The final performance will be at 2:00 pm on Sunday, November 4th.  County Government Day is November 5th.  The FFA Fry is November 9th.  He has 9 teacher evaluations left to complete.  Five will be done this week and four next week.  The Band competed at The Harvest of Harmony Parade and we placed 11th out of 48.  They have had a really good fall.  He is very proud of the music department. 


Griffith stated that he has sent off specifications for a bus and the bids are due November 3rd by 3:00 pm.  He plans to have a transportation committee meeting the week of November 5th to discuss the bids and make a recommendation for the November board meeting.  The OAC meeting for this week is scheduled for Wednesday, October 10th at Noon.  The punch list for the gym will be completed then.  He is working to get a meeting scheduled between Hausmann, Clark Enersen Partners and Travelers Insurance to try to address the flat roof warranty issue.  During Christmas break, Hausmann plans to have the floor leveling done and the baseboard trim installed in the new building.  With the additional ceiling and lights, the substantial completion date is December 14th so we can still move in over Christmas.  The demo of the current high school will be mid to late February 2019. 


Board Member Reports – None.


Board Committee Reports – Roskop stated that at the OAC meeting a couple of weeks ago they went over most of the changes we made.  He is assuming that we will discuss at our next board meeting how we will address change orders that go beyond the Contingency Fund.  Initial discussions with them were to start by submitting the room changes as a change order rather than a contingency fund item and then having to pull other items back.  He doesn’t think they have it completely figured out yet, but he is sure it will come up during next month’s board meeting.  Griffith stated that based on the emails he has seen they may wait until they have more finalized numbers.  Roskop stated that the Finance Committee met prior to tonight’s meeting and there were some questions on a few little things, but nothing out of the ordinary.  They looked at the bond fund and the bond payment coming up in December.




A motion was made by Whipple and seconded by Anderson to approve the Consent Agenda as presented.  AYES: Whipple, Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, Warner, and Carpenter.  Motion carried 6-0.


A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Carpenter to approve claims including the General Fund, Equipment Depreciation Fund, Lunch Fund, Building Fund, and Student Fee Fund totaling $422,071.96.  AYES: Roskop, Schutz but abstaining from Claim No. 30124 to the Arapahoe Public Mirror for $938.23, Anderson, Warner, Carpenter but abstaining from Claim No. 30183 to W&J Repair for $236.38, and Whipple but abstaining from Claim No. 30126 to ATC for $351.85 and Claim No. 30122 to ACT for $31,639.65.  Motion carried 6-0.


Chandler Hambidge stated that they have a team competing at National FFA and they are requesting per diem funds for October 22nd – October 27th.  The total is $1,360.  Schutz asked how many kids.  Hambidge stated that it is for six kids and two sponsors.  Schutz asked where it was.  Hambidge stated that it was in Indianapolis.  Warner asked if they were driving or flying.  Hambidge stated that they are driving.  Maggie Weatherwax stated that they would appreciate it.  Warner asked Weatherwax what she was competing in.  Weatherwax stated that she is not competing.  The Natural Resources Team is competing consisting of Olivia Leising, Isaac Goshert, Danielle Eidson, Hunter Swanson and an alternate Tanner DeVoogd.  She is going along as the Reporter to document and take pictures and bring everything back.  A motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whipple to approve the National FFA per diem request of $1,360.00.  AYES: Schutz, Anderson, Warner, Carpenter, Whipple, and Roskop.  Motion carried 6-0.


Griffith stated that based on the Pay App presented the project is 86.44% done.  A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Carpenter to approve the Hausmann Pay App 015 for $287,725.36.  AYES: Anderson, Warner, Carpenter, Whipple, Roskop, and Schutz.  Motion carried 6-0.


Griffith stated that the initial Pay App was $29,949.70.  They had to come back to fix something that was caused by the plumbers and that cost was $358.75.  Hausmann is getting that reimbursement added in to our Contingency Fund Adjustment.  There were two other things that had to be done.  One was Change Request #027 for $756.54 which was for an extra trip to come out and put the rolling door in the dishwasher area because things weren’t ready.  We are deducting $1,171.24 for the invoices we had to pay from the Pay App and adding in the invoice to Midwest for $358.75, which reduces the total Pay App to $29,137.21.  The only thing outstanding is a warranty issue with the water softener.  He recommends paying them the reduced amount of $29,137.21.  Roskop asked if this was the final payment to Midwest.  Griffith confirmed it was.  Carpenter asked if everything was working well in the kitchen.  Griffith stated it was.  A motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whipple to approve the Midwest Restaurant Pay App 005 for $29,137.21.  AYES: Warner, Carpenter, Whipple, Roskop, Schutz, and Anderson.  Motion carried 6-0.


Griffith stated that Change Order 087 is to remove and replace the concrete in the new Lincoln hallway.  The concrete that is there now would need a lot of leveling.  This bid is for removal and replacement of the concrete.  He recommends doing this.  Whipple asked about the location.  Roskop stated that it is the hallway connection between the old elementary and the new building.  A motion was made by Carpenter and seconded by Whipple to approve Change Request 087 for $3,101.28.  AYES: Carpenter, Whipple, Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, and Warner.  Motion carried 6-0.


Griffith stated that the estimates presented are for new free weights for the weight room.  The purpose of the new weights is to protect the new equipment and the floor.  All three of the estimates provided are for free weights with a rubberized coating.  This will keep damage from happening in storage areas, floor and equipment.  As thin as the floor is, it won’t take much to damage it.  With the amount of money spent on the new equipment and flooring, Mr. Kronhofman and Mr. Blackmore visited with me and we think the smart thing to do is to have rubberized free weights to protect everything and make it last longer.  The life expectancy on the $9,000 estimate is 5 years or so.  Life expectancy on the $10,399 estimate compared to the $11,409 estimate is about the same and is around 15 years.  The recommendation of Mr. Kronhofman and Mr. Blackmore is to go with the middle range which is the estimate for $10,399.  Warner asked if there is any trade allowance for the weights that we have.  He asked what the exit strategy is for what we have.  Griffith stated that he thinks we are going to have to have our own auction rather than use someone else’s.  He could also include it on the administrator’s website.  The idea would be to auction the equipment off.  Whipple asked where the funds would come from for this purchase.  Griffith stated that it would come from the Equipment Depreciation Fund since it is to replace equipment.  Griffith supports the recommendation of Mr. Kronhofman and Mr. Blackmore.  Warner asked if anyone knew what kind of shape the weights we have are in.  No one knew.  Griffith stated that this includes medicine balls and kettlebells.  Warner asked what the delivery date would be and if they are on a timeline with this purchase.  Griffith stated that they should be able to get them in by the time they are ready to go into the new weight room, which is early November.  Schutz stated that if the reason they are buying them is because they are rubberized he would expect none of the other weights to be in the new weight room at all.  Griffith agreed.  He stated that if they don’t come in on time they will use the old weight room until the new weights arrive.  Schutz stated that he would like to know if this is it or if they are going to get another request in a few months for something else in the weight room.  Griffith stated that he would not be recommending anything further.  Whipple stated that he would just like to know that this has been planned and well thought out and that this is everything.  He doesn’t have any problem with making the motion if Blackmore and Kronhofman have thought this out.  Griffith stated that in talking with them the old weights could damage the new equipment with it being metal on metal.  Warner stated that he agrees with Whipple.  He stated that when they presented this bond and started this process we said that we were going to use as much of the equipment we have on hand as possible.  We would then try to replace it in a schedule.  It is becoming frustrating that every time we turn around we are buying new equipment here and there and now we are to new desks.  He understands, but outside of metal on metal in a weight room it is weights damaging the racks that are there.  He asked if this includes new racks or if we have to use the racks we have.  Griffith stated that the equipment we have coming includes storage for the free weights.  Warner stated that there really wouldn’t be anything wrong with moving the storage that we have now for our free weights.  Schutz asked what happens in 5-6 years when the rubberizing starts to come off of the weights.  Whipple wondered if they re-dip them.  Schutz asked if that is something that can be done with the weights we have.  Warner stated that he doesn’t want to be ultra negative on this because it is a $10,000 deal, but every time we turn around it is another $10,000.  Griffith agreed that it was something he didn’t want to hear.  Warner asked if there are any safety concerns with the weights we have.  Griffith couldn’t think of any.  A motion was made by Schutz and seconded by Warner to table the purchase of new weights until they can get a representative to answer some of their questions.  Griffith and Whipple liked that idea.  AYES: Whipple, Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, Warner, and Carpenter.  Motion carried 6-0.


Griffith stated that the current roof on the north gym is a ballast roof.  It leaks about every time we have rain and there are patches on patches.  The seams are cracking.  It has been recommended that the roof be replaced.  Cindy Huxoll got a bid from Weathercraft.  They put the roof on initially about 18 years ago.  Buffalo Roofing was out so Griffith had them provide an estimate as well.  It came back around $59,000.  It is for a different kind of membrane, it is more of a PVC type membrane.  The difference in cost is significant.  The comparison between the two companies is $57,000 (Buffalo Roofing) and $38,000 (Weathercraft).  Whipple asked if the recommendation was Weathercraft.  Griffith agreed that the recommendation is to go with Weathercraft.  He stated that it is something that needs to be done.  Schutz asked if there were any differences in warranty between the two companies.  Griffith stated that the warranties are about the same, which is around 15 years.  Schutz asked if they got any kind of a timeline from Weathercraft.  Griffith stated that they had not gotten one.  He is sure that they would like to get it done before winter.  Whipple asked if this is required maintenance.  Griffith confirmed it was.  Roskop stated that they put sloped roofs on everything else and asked why they are not looking at doing the same for the north gym.  Griffith stated that he has no problem asking for bids for a sloped roof.  Roskop stated that the bids may come in and it may not be feasible, but there is a reason all of our new construction has sloped roofs.  Griffith stated that he will get bids for a metal sloped roof for comparison.  A motion was made Warner and seconded by Carpenter to table the bids for roof replacement on the north gym.  AYES: Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, Warner, Carpenter, and Whipple.  Motion carried 6-0.


Griffith stated that they just purchased a new walk behind scrubber last month for around $4,800.  Cindy Huxoll was interested in looking at a riding scrubber.  She got prices for him to look at and he told her he would bring it to the board for their review.  The prices range from $7,100 to $8,900.  There is no service available locally for the $7,100 bid.  The Eakes bid of $8,900 has service available.  If the board chooses to make a purchase, Huxoll would prefer the one from Eakes for $8,962.  Whipple stated that we have a walk behind now.  Griffith agreed and stated that we have one new walk behind and an older walk behind.  Whipple asked how many are used.  Griffith stated that with the amount of floor we will have we will need two.  Carpenter asked why they wouldn’t buy another walk behind for half the price.  Anderson asked how often they use them.  Griffith stated that he has seen Huxoll using the new one in the Commons area after lunch every day.  Schutz asked what the size of the new one they just bought was.  Griffith stated that he thought it was a 20 inch.  Schutz stated that is not a very big swath.  He can see why they would want one to ride if they are only 2 foot wide.  By using them on a regular basis the life of the floor should be extended.  Whipple thinks it is a good thing.  He would feel more comfortable if she was here telling them why this one would be more adequate than the others.  Griffith stated that he has no problem with that.  He would rather have her give her reasons for it to the board.  Carpenter stated that he would like to see prices on a larger walk behind for comparison.  A motion was made by Carpenter and seconded by Whipple to table the purchase of a new riding floor scrubber.  AYES: Schutz, Anderson, Warner, Carpenter, Whipple, and Roskop.  Motion carried 6-0.


Griffith stated that the estimate from DeVries is to carpet two of the eight rooms not included in the renovation plan.  He is planning to recommend two rooms per year.  This carpet is similar to what is in the north part of the building, blue squares.  The cost of $2,546 is per room.  Anderson stated that the cost of both is $4,970.  Griffith agreed that the cost for both is a little less at $4,970.  Schutz asked if this would be done in time for the move.  Griffith agreed that it would be done.  Roskop asked if this is what is being put in the rest of the building or is it going to look different.  Griffith stated that price wise this would be more affordable.  Carpenter asked why they wouldn’t want it all to look the same.  Half of the high school will look one way and the other half will look another way.  The classrooms won’t match.  Roskop stated that as carpet gets replaced they will do as much business with the local company as possible and chances are it will be replaced with what is shown on the estimate.  He would like to know more about what they are putting in the classrooms.  Warner stated that this is carpet Griffith is recommending in addition because they were not planning to do anything with the floors in those eight rooms.  He understands that Griffith is recommending we replace flooring in those eight rooms at two rooms per year.  Griffith agreed.  Warner asked if they will have rooms without carpet for four years.  Griffith stated that they will have carpet; it is just what was there originally.  Warner stated that unless we can store it somewhere there is probably no way we can buy this same carpet.  Griffith stated that his recommendation is to approve the estimate.  Roskop stated that he would like to add this to the summer project list and get it on that rotation.  He knows we are working into a new building, but thinks this is something that should go on that summer project list and then it will be consistent since they are going to do two rooms each year.  He recommends evaluating what is there once Hausmann is out and then get things on a summer cycle.  Roskop asked if there was any other consideration on this item.  None.  No action taken.


Griffith presented Policy 3131.  He stated that this is the third and final reading of this policy.  It was due to a legal change.  The amounts were updated.  This is basically for food service procurement.  A motion was made by Whipple and seconded by Carpenter to adopt Policy 3131.  AYES: Warner, Carpenter, Whipple, Roskop, Schutz, and Anderson.  Motion carried 6-0.


Griffith stated that we don’t need to start in executive session on this topic, but can do so if we need to.  He stated that he received Mr. Braithwait’s letter of resignation.  He is planning to retire.  Carpenter asked how many years Braithwait had been here.  Braithwait stated 31 years.  Braithwait stated that he had been thinking about it for a long time.  He thought if he waited until March he would change his mind, but the more he got into it the more he thought that was not fair to the school district.  He wants the board to have first opportunity with the best candidates rather than waiting until March.  The board has been more than fair to him and he thought the sooner the better for them to start looking for someone else.  He is running on E.  He would rather leave early than too late.  It is only fair to the district to get someone in here.  There are no second thoughts and no problems.  Everybody has been more than gracious to him including the board and Dr. Griffith.  The staff has been awesome.  Whoever walks in here will walk into a gold mine with the staff we have.  It is just time.  He appreciates everything.  It has been a good run.  He has been fortunate and blessed to have been here and have the board, kids and staff a part of his life, Griffith and those before him.  The retirement is not effective until May 31st, 2019 though.  Griffith stated that he recommends not accepting the resignation.  This has been a very tough decision.  He thinks he has been fooling himself a little bit this year.  It just feels like the right time.  Griffith stated that he could not have asked for a better principal to come into a district with.  Braithwait is the best one he has worked with.  Braithwait thanked Griffith for the comment.  He stated he is very blessed.  Roskop stated that on behalf of the board he would like to say thank you as well.  There are a lot of little things that he does that make our lives a lot easier.  He appreciates what he has done for them.  Braithwait thanked him and stated that they make a good team.  He promised that there is nothing going on to cause him to leave, it is just time.  A motion was made by Whipple and seconded by Carpenter to accept Braithwait’s resignation.  AYES: Carpenter, Whipple, Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, and Warner.  Motion carried 6-0.


Schutz thanked Braithwait for his service.  Braithwait stated that he gives them his word that he will make the transition as easy as possible for the next person.  Everything he has is theirs.  He will be as involved as the board wants him to be.  Griffith stated that the Administrative Review Committee will meet to discuss which way they want to go and how to start the process.  Braithwait thanked Schutz.




Public Comment – None.  Tammie Middagh asked Braithwait if he could talk to the third and fourth grade teachers to see if they know of a little girl or two that would like a mentor.  She has some mentors waiting.


Griffith stated that he has given the board a clean copy of the superintendent evaluation for them to complete.  He is working on completing his self-evaluation and will have it to Roskop by no later than Monday.  Roskop stated that he would like the board to complete and return their superintendent evaluation forms to him by November 5th.  It is a little early, but since they are in an election year he would like to get it done before the election.


Roskop stated that at one point they talked about a board evaluation and he was wondering if that was something the board is still interested in.  He doesn’t know how exactly we will get it started but if it is something we want to do he would like to get it started.  Griffith stated that they could probably get something from NASB.  Roskop asked the board if they are interested.  Anderson asked if they are evaluating themselves or each other.  Roskop stated that it is not on a personal basis.  It is more on goals and what they can improve on.  Griffith stated that it is information that can help when it comes time to review the Strategic Plan.  If there are things they want to see done differently this is when they can bring it up.  Roskop stated that as new members come onto the board they see what the overall goals are for the board.  It is up to the board.  It hasn’t been done for a while.  He thinks it would be beneficial.  It is just finding the time to do it.  Anderson asked if it is a workshop.  Roskop stated that he would probably start the discussion with NASB to see what they have.  If they don’t have anything he can dig into what the board has done in the past.  He may lean on Schutz since he would have some experience with this.  Schutz stated that it could be used for goals or even for what we think the principal opening turning into.  Anderson stated that she thinks it would be helpful.  Whipple asked if they evaluate current staffing and size of school and make recommendations.  Schutz stated that it is more for members of the board to say they want to consider a different goal or any idea they may have.  It is a way for members to bring those ideas up and not as an action item or discussion item at a board meeting.  Whipple stated that it is like strategic planning.  Schutz agreed.  Roskop stated that it leads into strategic planning in January.  We would then have a clearer picture of where we are at as a board and what we need to work on.  Schutz stated that members of the board have been consumed with this building project for the last three years and it might be a time to start considering other things.  Warner agreed.  Roskop stated that they will talk with NASB and go from there. 


Finance Committee Meeting, Monday, November 12th, 2018 at 6:00 pm in the Conference Room.

Regular Board Meeting, Monday, November 12th, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the Conference Room.

Americanism Committee Meeting, TBA.

Transportation Committee Meeting, TBA.

Administrative Review Committee Meeting, TBA.


A motion was made by Roskop and seconded by Schutz to enter into executive session for the protection of public interest at 8:01 pm.  AYES: Whipple, Roskop, Schutz, Anderson, Warner, and Carpenter.  Motion carried 6-0.


A motion was made by Carpenter and seconded by Whipple to exit executive session at 8:13 pm.


A motion was made by Whipple and seconded by Anderson to adjourn the meeting at 8:13 pm.






Respectfully submitted,

Cassie Hilker, Board Secretary