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Mrs. Pruitt's Rules, Regulations, and Procedures (Covid Style)

Note: I realize that this packet is long and daunting. I don't do it to be mean or try to come off as extreme. I have actually had to deal with these different scenarios in my classroom over the years. Whenever a new issue comes up, I add it to my packet so that everyone knows right from the start what is acceptable and what the consequences are for breaking those rules. It is basically to cover me in case one of these issues arises throughout the year. Believe me. I would rather not read through these twenty times every year, but unfortunately, it is necessary.



Directions: Read each section and then go to the link below each section to take a quiz over the rules and expectations from each section. You will have to log in each time for each quiz. This packet will be on Kidblog, Google Classroom, and the Arapahoe School website for the year to use as reference. A sheet will be sent home with you for a parent or guardian to fill out. Please go over the classroom rules and expectations with them before they sign. This is expected to be returned by the due date for a grade.




There are three basic rules to be followed in my classroom (the 3 R’s).

1. Be Respectful: to yourself, to your future, to your fellow students and their right to learn, to the teacher, to your environment, and to all others.

2. Be Responsible: for your actions and materials.

3. Be Ready: to participate when class begins.

Respect is the first rule because it is the most important rule. It is an expectation. Respect yourself and your future, your classmates, your teacher, everyone’s time, everyone’s property, and your environment. Rudeness to another student, a visitor, or to a teacher will not be tolerated and will result in being sent to the office or detention. Inappropriate behavior (Ex. Roughhousing, jumping over or standing on chairs, etc.) may also result in a deduction of participation points.


  • Composition Book
  • 1.5” Binder
  • Binder Dividers
  • 1 package loose leaf paper
  • Pens (black or blue), pencils, erasers, white out
  • 6 highlighters (yellow, pink, blue, green, orange, purple)
  • Scissors, glue, colored pencils


Mrs. Pruitt’s desk area is off-limits. If caught messing around in these areas, the student will be sent to the office. Cabinets are not to be opened by the students. If something in the cabinet is needed, permission must be obtained by the teacher. They will let you know if it is alright to get it.

Destruction of Mrs. Pruitt’s (or anyone else's property) or deliberately ruining items in the classroom (including erasing or changing the boards) will be punishable by receiving a deduction in daily classroom participation grades and by being sent to the office. Any item(s) ruined or broken will be replaced, fixed, cleaned, or paid for by the student before final grades are released.

Quiz 1




Points will be deducted from documents without the proper headings. You will head papers in the upper left-hand corner of the page. Heading should be in MLA format which includes first and last name, my name, class name, and date (ex. 12 February 2020). Include the name of the assignment if needed in the title position (under the heading and centered). Ten points will be deducted if you are missing any part of the heading.


Susan Roberts

Mrs. Pruitt

English II

12 February 2020

Title Goes Here


Most of our assignments will be done online. Make sure not to delete any of your assignment and keep it backed up on Google Drive in our class folder. With electronics, you never know if something will crash and when you might have to resubmit something to me. Keep all papers physically given to you in your binders for reference until I permit you to get rid of them. I do not hand back all assignments due to the fact that I allow students to redo some of their work. This reduces copying and cheating. I do not throw these papers away. Each student has a folder that these papers are kept in. Ask the teacher if you wish to see papers that weren’t handed back. Please don’t ask during class instruction time or at the beginning of class. 


All schoolwork is to be handed directly to me. I will mark it turned in on my homework sheet. After they are marked in the book, I will paperclip or staple them together and put them in the class file slot by my desk.

All essay writing is required to be planned out ahead of time with a brainstorm and an outline. Mrs. Pruitt will explain to you how this process is expected to be done at the time of the assignment. This is non-negotiable, and writing will not be accepted for a grade without it!

Assignments must be turned in within two days of an absence if the absence is unplanned (one day to receive the assignment and one day to turn in the assignment). Any assignments due the day of the absence must be turned in on the date of return to school (because students already knew that it was due before they left). Major assignments are due as soon as you return to school because they were assigned way ahead of time, and students knew the due date before they were absent. If you are aware that you will be gone (ex. extracurricular activities), you must turn in the assignments either BEFORE you leave if I have the assignment available or on the day you return to school (double-check with me to make sure there weren’t any changes made to the assignment). Assignments may be slipped under my door, put in my mailbox by the office staff, or emailed to me. DO NOT set them in a place that they can be ruined or lost (ex. outside my door). I am not responsible for lost or damaged homework and that work will not receive a grade as I cannot grade an assignment that I do not have. My lessons will be posted on both the school website and on Google Classroom.

If you are gone, you are expected to ask for the assignments missed from the teacher and complete them upon return! This is YOUR responsibility, and the teacher will not be held responsible for your lack of accountability. I will not track you down to make up what is missing. If work is asked to be collected by the office during an absence, the teacher may or may not have gotten the message to submit it to the office. Teachers at times are absent too and plans at times change due to unforeseen circumstances. ALWAYS check with the teacher when you return! I do keep extra copies of assignments in the red file holder hanging in the front of the room.

Late homework will immediately be docked ten points and then ten points for each school day late after that. Papers without a name are considered late. No name papers are posted on the door of my closet for one week. After that, I will throw these papers in the trash. If you have your work in on time and would like to try for a better grade, ASK.

Save everything on a flash drive, via email, or Google Drive. That your computer crashed is NOT an excuse. Your assignment will still be docked. ALL GRADED PAPERS & WRITING goes into your three-ring binder. DO NOT THROW AWAY GRADED PAPERS UNTIL GIVEN PERMISSION TO DO SO!

Work for other classes is to be completed at another time. Anyone caught doing work other than work assigned will have it confiscated and the time will be made up before or after school. I am available by appointment. If you need assistance with your work, make an appointment with me before that class period. Email is a good way to make an appointment; however, this does NOT mean at the beginning of class. An acceptable  example might be before school starts for the day. This is so I can be sure to be available to help. Make sure when you ask for help that I am not busy at that time. For example, the beginning of class is NOT the time to ask for help. Also, write me a sticky note as a reminder and leave it on my desk (don’t forget your name). I am here to help you succeed, but I can’t do that unless you come to me for help! Remember, failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part!

Quiz 2




We will not be doing A.R. this year as we may end up in a remote situation again this year. We will be doing I.R. instead. This may not happen weekly. You must have an I.R. book with you for class every day. This is one of the only extra credit opportunities available consistently in my classroom (up to 10 points of extra credit a quarter for extra I.R. logs with Mrs. Pruitt's permission). You will be assigned an I.R. log that I will explain to you at a later time. Be prepared to talk about and write about your book. Mrs. Pruitt's books cannot be checked out this year due to Covid. You may borrow books from the library (if policy allows it) OR check out a book on Nebraska Overdrive Libraries. (https://nebraska.overdrive.com/)

During I.R. time, a participation grade is given. If you aren’t in the room participating (or if you aren’t reading), you won’t receive a good participation grade. The I.R. log and participation grades are combined. If you turn in your I.R. log early, this does not mean that you can stop reading. I.R. goes from bell to bell. If you aren’t reading, participation points will be deducted. I take ten points off every time that I have to prompt you to get on task. No textbooks or playbooks allowed!!! I.R. logs are due by the end of the school day the day that we read I.R.


Quiz 3




I will randomly call on students for an answer by drawing Popsicle sticks with names on them. If you do not know the answer, you may “PASS.” However, as soon as a student has said the right answer, I will call on you again to repeat the answer, so PAY ATTENTION! If the “PASS” is used too often, I reserve the right to take it away.


Please see the student handbook for policies concerning tardies. If you aren’t in your correct (assigned) seat at the start of class, you will be considered tardy.



Students will leave their backpacks/bags in the hallway or lockers (wherever the administration wants them) and be in their assigned seats when the bell rings. If I am not in my room, or if I am detaining a person or the class from the previous period, DO NOT enter. Cellphones are to be left in the students’ bag outside of the classroom. This is the only warning. If I see or hear the cellphone or book bags in class, the student will be sent to the office to deliver them to the administration. I understand at times information needs to be looked up on the phone for the class. If this scenario arises, ask me if you can retrieve the information from your phone out in the hallway. If collateral is needed and you wish to use your cellphone as a trade for an item borrowed, let me know immediately so that you don’t get in trouble.

Students are to ask permission to leave the classroom for any reason. Students will be given one hall pass card at the beginning of each quarter with five free passes out of the classroom (use them wisely). Students must have their card signed and with them when they leave the room and on return. These cards are worth 25 extra credit points which can be redeemed at the end of the quarter that the card was given. For every pass that you use during the quarter, five extra credit points will be deducted from the hall pass card. If more than five passes are used during the quarter, the missed time will be made up either before or after school. I WILL NOT allow students to leave the room for the first and last five minutes of class or during the lesson (so don’t ask). Hall passes are good for six minutes. If students take longer than the time designated, extra boxes will be marked off on their cards. If students are other places than where they had permission to be, their card will be taken, and they will lose their privilege for the rest of the quarter. If an emergency arises, please let me know.

Dismissal will only be allowed after instructions have been given and then only at the teacher’s discretion. Only one student may leave at a time unless approved by the teacher. The library may be visited before or after school or during student advisory. You are expected to already have a book with you when you get to class.

If you need to see another teacher or counselor, I must have some form of communication with that teacher to determine whether or not it is appropriate to send you at that time. A pass must be given and signed by both myself and the teacher visited. Students must return in a timely manner, or a time limit will be established. This is a privilege, and it can be revoked.

Quiz 4




If your pencil needs to be sharpened, please wait to sharpen the pencil until instructions are given and no one is speaking to the class. Interrupting the class or the speaker is rude. Make sure that all shavings end up in the trashcan instead of the floor. If you need to blow your nose, please go to the tissue box and trashcan that is closest to your desk. Please take a few tissues back to your desk with you if you think that you will need them. If a writing utensil or another item needs to be borrowed from the teacher, be prepared to trade Mrs. Pruitt something important that you will want back (ex. wallet, book bag, laptop, cellphone, shoe). The item will be returned once Mrs. Pruitt receives her borrowed item(s) back.

I will assign helpers each week to help with tasks around the classroom. Example: handing out books or highlighters. These students will get bonus points on their quarter grade. Everyone will have an opportunity to do this throughout the year (not necessarily every quarter).


A fidget is a small object that keeps your hands busy so that you can pay attention to the teacher. You may hold it in your hand, feel it, move it, and play with it while you’re looking at the teacher. You should use a fidget when you are having trouble paying attention in class. It is good to use a fidget when you keep touching things and distracting other people around you. There are IMPORTANT EXPECTATIONS when using your fidget in class, however.  You should not need to look at your fidget. Keep your EYES ON THE TEACHER. You should not distract others or try to get your friends attention with your fidget. The fidget must stay in your hands or on your desk. The fidgets that you use must not be distracting to others. For example, some fidgets make noise or a lot of movement. Those fidgets that distract those around you while they are trying to learn should not be in the classroom and will be confiscated and taken to the office. An appropriate fidget for the classroom might be something like a paperclip, a stress ball, silly putty, or a hairband that you can wear around your wrist.


I will dismiss you at the end of each period, do not pack up before then or you will be detained after class. Students may not stand next to the door before the bell rings. They must instead remain by their desks. During class, if students are talking and not paying attention, I will detain the class after the bell. I will give a warning in fifteen-second increments until the class is paying attention again. For example, if I have to ask three times for the class to settle down, I will say 15, 30, 45… then at the end of the class period, the entire class will be detained after the bell for that amount of time, in this case, 45 seconds. I will watch the clock and will let you know when you are to be dismissed, so don’t just take off when you think that the time is up. If you take my time, I will take yours. Period 1: the class will need to put chairs down at the beginning of the day. Period 9: the class will need to put chairs up when they leave class for the day. All class periods will sanitize their desk area and use hand sanitizer as they enter the classroom.

Quiz 5




You may check out books from Mrs. Pruitt’s library. Any book taken off of the shelf must be checked out and may not be taken to desks before doing so. I use an online library program called Book Retriever. Make sure that when you are finished with the books that they are checked back in. You have thirty days with the book before it will need checked back in or renewed. If they aren’t checked back in and someone takes off with it or damages it, you will be held accountable because you were the last person that checked out the book. (Remember that I personally purchase these to share with you.) If any textbook is lost, not checked back in, or damaged you are responsible for paying for or replacing that book. I will not check you out at the end of the school year until this is taken care of. (Note: My books cannot be checked out this year, but you never know what is going to happen, and so, I am leaving this section on here.)

~ FOOD and DRINK ~

Food is not allowed in the classroom period (as stated in the student handbook) with the exception of a clear water bottle filled with water. If a student is caught with food, it will be tossed in the trash, and the student will be sent to the office.


I will occasionally offer extra credit throughout the year. I would suggest that you take advantage of this because I do not offer it all the time. This is because I allow makeups and redoes on most assignments and tests. Don’t ask for extra credit until you are sure that all assignments have been turned in or redone for a higher grade. Quizzes and tests must be redone within one week of the date given. All other papers must be turned in in a timely manner (remember that I take ten points off for each school day late). I consider two weeks as reasonable for weekly assignments. Also, I won’t take redo or makeup papers the last week of the quarter. Hall Pass cards and I.R. are two ways to get extra credit throughout the year.

Quiz 6




Each student is responsible for doing his or her own work. Students who violate this policy will receive a zero on the assignment, essay, test, or quiz. They will be sent to the office to speak with the administration. The assignment will be redone, and the redone assignment's highest grade possible is a 70%.

Plagiarism may involve one or more of the following:

1. Using the work of another person as your own.

2. Doing an assignment with more people than allowed (especially on Google Docs) and also  

    using that assignment on open note quizzes and tests.

3. Using the work of a previous course as fresh, original work, e.g., taking an A.R. test on

    previously read books, using poetry written for another class, and handing in an essay that

    you wrote for another class.

4. All papers handed in with “borrowed” phrases or position arguments will receive a zero.

    Paraphrases, statistics, summaries of information, and quotations from any source (other

    than general knowledge) must use MLA citation with a Works Cited page, or the assignment

    will receive a zero. Any significant, non-generic words or specific phrases of three words or

    more must be within quotation marks with a parenthetical citation at the end of the sentence.

5. Failing to follow instructions during tests, quizzes, essays, or assignments (for example, 

    talking during a test using any text, or looking at another's computer screen).

6. Preparing for a test using an unauthorized copy of the test or quiz.

7. Getting answers from another class period.

8. Any other plagiaristic activity as outlined in the Student Handbook.



We are privileged to have access and use of electronic and wireless devices. They are not only an essential part of education, but knowledge of how to use these devices in everyday life has become crucial. Use of these devices allows us access to information quickly and at the touch of a button. “Remember that with great power comes great responsibility” (Ben Parker).  It is important to acknowledge not only the power of electronic/wireless devices but also the appropriate use of these devices.

In the guidelines below, there is a framework directing students’ use of electronic/ wireless devices and students will be held accountable to both the rules and the consequences of the teacher as well as the Arapahoe Public School district.

Guidelines for Students:

Using electronic or wireless devices in the classroom is a privilege, not a right. The use of these devices in the classroom is permitted on a class-by-class basis at the discretion of the teacher. The teacher may, at their discretion, reduce points awarded for participation in class or other graded activities for the inappropriate use of electronic or wireless devices. This includes when such devices are required for the course but are not available due to student error. Students should follow the rules given by the teacher and clarify with the teacher if they have questions about these policies.

Electronic/wireless devices must be used appropriately. The guidelines below are to direct the proper use of these devices in the classroom (remember that students are in the classroom for one reason: to learn). The use of electronic/wireless devices during class should be restricted to in-class activities including: taking notes, viewing the lecture slides presented by the instructor, accessing the Internet for class-related information, or working on the assignment that your are supposed to be working on. Do not assume you can use these devices. Instead, check with the teacher before using the device.

As a student, you have the right to request that a classmate cease the inappropriate use of any electronic/wireless devices. You also have the right to speak to the teacher if you find that other student’s misuse of wireless/laptop devices are distracting. Be aware that some students, for a variety of reasons, have permission to use devices in class.

Electronic devices that have been approved by administration may be used in class WHEN THEY ARE REQUIRED. If we are not doing an assignment that requires the device, it will be kept put away and off the desk. If this becomes a problem, the device will not be allowed in class or the student will be asked to take that item to the office to be given to the administration.

When using devices in class, they will only be used for what is assigned. If they are being used for other purposes, they will also be confiscated and sent to the office. The student will also receive a zero for the day. When entering the classroom, students will place their cellphones wherever the teacher chooses. Mrs. Pruitt wants them left in the students’ bags out in the hall or locker (wherever the administration requires the bags to be). If you are caught texting or using the phone without permission during class, the student will walk their cell phone to the office to give to the administration, and a zero will be given for the day. Consider this your warning! If there is an emergency and a phone call needs to be made, it can be made in the office. If I give permission to listen to music, you may never listen to music from your phone!

“You have the freedom to choose your actions; you don’t have the freedom to choose the consequences of your actions.”


Email:    joanna.pruitt@arapahoewarriors.org      

***Note to parents: I do my best to keep in contact with parents, but with so many students, it is difficult for me to keep you informed about every single detail (missing assignments, discipline, activities, etc.). If you have concerns about your student, please contact me, and I will get back to you A.S.A.P. Contacting me through email is the best way to get a hold of me, as I do not always receive my phone messages. I only check my email/phone messages (and respond to them) during school hours. I answer the emails in the order that I receive them. So, if you do not hear back from me right away, I am either in the middle of class OR I am helping another student at the time. I never intentionally not respond to emails. I do copy emails to the Principal so that he is informed. A handout about the “Remind” program is being sent home with your student as well. This is a device much like the school beacon; however, it will contain information specific to your student’s class. This will include things such as reminders, announcements, and at times, information on homework that is due. I hope that we will have a great year and look forward to working with you and your student.

Quiz 7



Mrs. Pruitt will be giving you a single page for you to take home, fill out, and both you and your guardian must sign and return it. Please go over the rules and expectations with your parents or guardians either on Kidblog, Google Classroom, or the Arapahoe website before they sign it. Return this portion of the packet to Mrs. Pruitt by the day assigned. This is counted as a grade! The packet will be posted both on Kidblog, Google Classroom, and the school website for reference throughout the year.